Michigan Adoption Agency

Life is about options and our goal is to help you explore all the adoption options available to you.

Whether you are a birth parent considering making a loving plan of adoption or a parent looking to create a family, we are here to help you in pursuing your goal. From infants to teenagers, all children deserve a safe home and nurturing parents to help them reach their individual potential in life.

Each adoption applicant will receive an overview of our programs, fees, and expenses. Whether you chose to adopt through us or pursue other options, we are professionals who are dedicated to simplifying the process of adoption for you!

We do not discriminate based on age, race, gender, marital status or sexual orientation.


Services Provided for Birth Parents:

  • Counseling
  • Identify resources/classes/health facilities
  • Present parent profiles (family biographies and photos) to assist you in selecting a prospective adoptive family
  • Presentation of legal documents and preparation for court proceedings

Services Provided for Adoptive Parents:

  • Home Studies for Michigan families
  • Direct Placement adoptions
  • State Ward children available for adoption
  • Post-Placement reports
  • International Home Studies (non-Hague)


In Memorium
Dana Marra
Adoption Options Worldwide Founder and Executive Director

February 4, 1953 – December 8, 2011
We dedicate this website to the memory of our beloved founder, Dana Marra, whose greatest joy in life came from finding loving homes for so many children. We honor her by continuing her work and keeping her legacy alive.